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Indianapolis – At 1:20 AM Eastern time Colts Owner Jim Irsay sent Colts fans into a frenzy with this tweet:



and the another one at 8:20 AM:



Was it a shot at unvaccinated players on the Colts? Was it a shot at Carson Wentz and his poor play in the final 2 weeks of the season that cost the Colts a chance at a playoff berth? JMV was joined by long time NFL Expert John Clayton to talk about if Aaron Rodgers will be playing on a new team in 2022:


“He will be playing somewhere else. First off he’s not very happy with management, the Packers are 40 million dollars over the cap and in some ways they’re going to be in a rebuilding mode. Davante Adams is unsigned and the franchise tag is going to be expensive to keep him. You have to get under the cap, and if you have to get under the cap you’ll have to start rebuilding.”


JMV was then going to ask about Russell Wilson and if he will request a trade from Seattle but was stopped before he could finish his question:


“By the way. There is no Russell Wilson trade. Zero. Don’t even bring it up!”


Per usual when John Clayton joins JMV, they hit on every major NFL storyline heading into the offseason including if Matt Eberflus might find a HC job and the QB situations for Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Denver, and much more! Listen to the full interview below.


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