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As covered on The Fan earlier on Monday specifically with Kevin Bowen and Jake Query, Matthew Stafford is balling out.

I really hope Stafford wins a Super Bowl. It’s good for him, good for football, and good for Detroit Lions fans who still adore him apparently.

Like KB and Jake discussed, what kind of bourbon was the Indianapolis Colts Front Office sipping on when they evaluated that Carson Wentz was higher on their quarterback wish list than Stafford?

It certainly wouldn’t have cost them much more to grab him from Detroit. Now that Wentz’s deal has turned into a first round pick going back to Philly, the Colts are paying big time for another missed opportunity at a playoff run.

Whether it was Jim Irsay, Chris Ballard, or Frank Reich who had a problem with Stafford, that miscue is on everybody at the Colts Complex.

There is one question that needs to be answered. Would all of this success that Stafford is achieving be the same if he became a Colt? The short answer is no.

First, look at the coaching difference. Frank is a nice guy and has shown he can be a capable coach in the NFL. But come on, Sean McVay is on another level. The modern day NFL Einstein. Plus, McVay came into Lucas Oil Stadium and ripped a win away from the Blue and White.

Here’s the most important reason behind Stafford shining in L.A. compared to other places; The weapons.

When healthy, it’s Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, OBJ, Van Jefferson, and Tutu Atwell.

Envision Stafford throwing to Michael Pittman Jr. often in double coverage, old T.Y. Hilton, an inconsistent Zach Pascal, injury-prone Paris Campbell, and the unknown Mike Strachan.

No way.

Sure, Stafford would have Jonathan Taylor here. It’ll help any QB to have the best running back in the league. Stafford obviously has elite arm talent, but look at who he’s throwing to with the Rams.

The drop-off he would have in Indy is staggering. It’d be right back to the Detroit days; Hero ball, no help, and running for his life because of an offensive line that can’t stay healthy.