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Chris Ballard has had a whirlwind week.

Last Saturday, it was all systems go and the Indianapolis Colts were preparing for a playoff run. Then Sunday came along.

In what was embarrassing, degrading, silly, and pathetic, the Jacksonville Jaguars took the Colts out back and put them out of their misery. The roof of Colts Nation came crashing down like the RCA Dome in 2008.

Thursday, Ballard had his end-of-season media session; Of course, a lot earlier than he would have liked.

Now in terms of what was said, you could have guessed a lot of it. And probably as anticipated, Ballard would not say if Carson Wentz is his guy under center for 2022. Weight your options? Absolutely.

Ballard touched on numerous topics; From the present, the future, quarterback, Jonathan Taylor, and then both the offensive and defensive lines.

That’s where things got pretty sketchy for me.

As we know, Ballard’s belief is that championship teams are built first in the trenches. That very well can be true. Look at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last year. An elite offensive line protecting Tom Brady, with an unbelievable pass rush.

But Ballard’s obsession with getting both the O-Line and D-Line correct with the Colts is haunting him. This is what he said today in response to a question posed by Kevin Bowen.

“That is something where my belief system will never change,” Ballard said. “You have to be good on the offensive and defensive line. You win up front.”

In normal conversation, what Ballard said there would be perfectly accurate. If you’re not sharp in the trenches, a team won’t win many football games. But here’s the problem.

Despite throwing everything at the wall and hoping it sticks, such as spending the first two 2021 draft picks on pass rushers instead of a left tackle, (where you’re still clueless on), the Colts still excavate for answers.

Braden Smith signed a four year, 72 million dollar contract during training camp to solidify his position at right tackle. At times, Chris Reed outperformed Mark Glowinski at right guard. And even more challenging now, the Colts still need to pay Quenton Nelson.

With all of this money invested into the wall fighting in front of JT, the Colts can’t figure it out. Again, it’s one thing if Ballard remained this bullish on developing the lines in his first couple of years here. But when you continuously sit in these end of season pressers and talk about the same damn thing every year, that’s when it becomes problematic.

Kwity Paye and Dayo Odeyingbo might both end up helping this team one day. But guess where the Colts need answers right now? Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Offensive Line, Pass Rush, and maybe more.

Time after time, when you don’t immediately hit on the spots where you need the most help, you’re going to put yourself in brutal shape. That’s where we are right now folks.