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Indianapolis – 98%. That’s the number floating around social media amongst Colts fans. After their remarkable win at Arizona on Christmas day, according to analytics website, the Colts had a 98% chance to make the playoffs. After a home loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, most fans assumed that division rival and at the time worst team in the NFL would roll over with one eye on the offseason. Nope. 4 hours later the Colts lose 26-11 and will be watching the NFL Postseason from the couch.


JMV opened up his show on Monday declaring the loss the worst in the franchise’s history since moving to Indianapolis in 1984.


“That was the most embarrassing, absolute worst Colts loss since they’ve come to Indy…how do you come out looking that way. If I have to see (Jags WR) Marvin Jones Jr. in the middle of 3 Colts defender 3 yards apart I’m gonna puke. Over and over right down the field. You come out, you give them hope and you know what that made it fun for those losers in Jacksonville. All the sudden you made it fun for this team that had won 2 games.”


While the loss is frustrating and it stings to not be a part of the postseason, JMV thought the loss carried more weight and was a potential indictment on how the entire franchise has been built:


“Coach Yost, Remember the Titans had a quote “Leave no Doubt”. What else they did is that they left a lot of doubt. Not only doubt in the moment but doubt in the last 5 years of Ballard, the last 4 years of Reich, doubt in the QB, doubt in the LT situation, doubt at WR, doubt at TE, doubt in the secondary. It’s like groundhog day right now! We’ve been through this already. What should concern you more than anything else is just how this group came out in back-to-back must win situations. It has to beg the question, what happened before the Raider game? And then why could you not fix that going against a team that had won 2 games and effectively quite the week prior, giving up 50 to New England.”


The Colts offseason starts with a major question at QB, no 1st round pick, and doubt from fans that this current regime of Chris Ballard and Frank Reich will be able to deliver this team to AFC contention.


If you missed any of JMV’s thoughts on Carson Wentz, if that loss was a fireable offense, the role Jim Irsay has, and biggest need to address in the offseason, listen to the podcast below!