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Indianapolis – Something all Colts fans can agree on is that Carson Wentz didn’t have his best day in a Colts uniform Sunday vs the Raiders. However, a more alarming stat was that the Colts only had 10 total yards in the 1st quarter. While JMV agreed that Carson Wentz’s outing didn’t inspire confidence heading into the final week of the regular season, he thought the sluggish start was the most concerning thing coming out of the game:


“What should concern you more than Wentz’s play is that this team did not look ready. In no way, shape, or form your final regular season home game. It is ticket punching worthy to the postseason. You have a geeked up crowd that has been happy with your play over the last month, everything is going your way. How in the world do you come out looking like that. How do you come out looking so flat? To me that’s more of a concern than Wentz’s decision making and accuracy.”


The Colts now will have to win in Week 18 vs the Jaguars in Jacksonville, a place the Colts haven’t won since 2014. If you missed any of JMV’s thoughts on the game take a listen to the show below!


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