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The time between the news that Colts quarterback Carson Wentz had entered COVID protocols to the time that the NFL relaxed their COVID guidelines probably saved quite a few fans from heart palpitations.  News of Wentz entering the protocol had fans immediately thinking of life without the QB for the final two games as the Colts fight for playoff positioning but once word got out that the NFL was following the new CDC guidelines and reducing the quarantine time from 10 to 5 days for players who are asymptomatic, including those who are unvaccinated, those worries seemed to subside for the most part.  Assuming he’s asymptomatic, Wentz, along with Darius Leonard and Quenton Nelson and others could be ready to play against the Las Vegas Raiders on Sunday.  Worst-case scenario, if Wentz is showing symptoms he would be out Sunday but more than likely ready for their season finale against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Needless to say, the Colts and Wentz caught a huge break.  Raiders fans were immediately screaming “CONSPIRACY!” when the NFL adjusted their guidelines, believing their team was no longer receiving the advantage they thought they would have on Sunday.  For the Colts, it may be Wentz or it may be Sam Ehlinger on Sunday but the concern for the game seems to be at a bare minimum considering where it would have been even two weeks ago.

There’s no question the Colts are the biggest beneficiaries of the new guidelines, now they need to take advantage of it.  A win against the Raiders will almost assuredly eliminate Las Vegas from the postseason picture and then what should be a softball finale against the lowly and aimless Jaguars.  The Colts have real potential to not only solidify their playoff seeding but keep the pressure on the Tennessee Titans as they fight to stay atop the AFC South.  I’ve predicted the Colts win out and catch the Titans to capture the AFC South division title.  The Titans will need to stumble against the Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans in order for that to happen but anything is possible.  I still think the Colts win out and would be a very difficult fifth-seed that no other team in the AFC will want to face.  We’ll see where it goes but for now, the Colts seem to have avoided the massive hiccup that caught other teams earlier this season.

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