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Every couple of years or so you hear about colleges across the country leaving one conference and heading to some place new. Whether it’s for more money, better competition, or something else entirely conference realignment feels almost like common place at this point in college sports.

Early this year marked one of the most recent instances, as Big 12 powers Texas and Oklahoma announced their plans to move to the SEC.

Tuesday afternoon on The Dan Dakich Show our friend Jason Benetti stopped by to share his thoughts on teams leaving conferences. Jason also looked at recent examples, like schools in the old Big East emphasizing football and the money that comes with it to join the ACC.

While those moves worked for some schools, it negatively impacted many as well, particularly on the basketball court.

Additionally, Dan and Jason discussed how realignment has screwed up travel for teams due to the distances between schools joining new conferences and the teams already established there.


It’s a conversation between Dan and Jason so there’s plenty of other fun antics and chaos that occur. Check out the chat below and keep listening to The Dan Dakich Show, weekdays 12-3pm, here on The Fan.