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Last night HardKnocks with the Indianapolis Colts premiered on HBOmax. As the clock hit 10PM everyones toes began to tap as it was not popping up at our fingertips like it was supposed to. After a 24 minute delay, HardKnocks with the Indianapolis Colts presented itself front and center on HBOmax and allowed everyone to seamlessly hurry and get the show on the road!

Going into episode one we knew we were going to get a fast-forward sprint into real-time to where the Colts are now. In the early stages of the episode, HardKnocks expressed the blues the Colts were stuck in during the first three weeks, A look into the Wentz household as they were expecting their new baby girl, and the close loss finishes during week 5 and week 8 that really made this team question where they were then and where they will be once week 18 hits in January.

one opening scene that caught our attention was with Frank Reich early in the season showing some players what it takes to get to the top of the mountain… in other words to become champions.

As Reich explains that he already went through all of the checkpoints with the players already. NFL films wanted to make sure to highlight one specific checkpoint. Reich mentioned when it come to relation with the Indianapolis Colts. You have to dominate in the division.

Reich said, ” Everyday for the last three years when I walk through the old weightroom which is now the secondary locker room, I see this (a sign that says Colts Division Champs: 1968, 1970,1975, 1976,1977, 1987, 1999, 2003, 3004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014). There is all of the years the Colts have been Division Champs. And for three years i’ve walked through there and see 2014 being the last year that we won the AFC South. We know it is a challenge to play in the AFC South, but for us to go where we want to go we got to put a 2021 up there.

Below is the graphic Reich presented to the team:

The first HardKnocks episode zoned in on two players. Carson Wentz, and of course, the MANIAC, Darius Leonard. In Darius, during HardKnocks, you see his full-time energy (not provided by Sprite), his competitiveness, and his concern for people STILL not putting respect on his name.

A lead into Darius Leonard’s life started off with him pulling into the Colts practice facility in his slick black classic car shown below.

Leonard presented as a #GirlDad shows us during HardKnocks that he does his absolute best to separate his work life and home life for the sake of his daughter Mia. Below is a preview of the man behind the MANIAC.

Nobody has been more exciting to watch this year more than Jonathan Taylor. JT received a good size feature in the opening episode of HardKnocks but we can pretty easily say expect more to come.

Other than JT tearing it up on the ground game, in his spare time it seems the NFL is testing his authentication by random drug testing him.

E.J. Speed in slow motion scoring from Zaire Fanklin’s punt block to give the Colts some heavy momentum early vs the Jaguars.

Colts Darius Leonard spoke the Colts late-game fumble recovery against the Jaguars into existence. Dayo Odeyingbo forces the late-game strip!

Something that was not featured in episode one but was posted on social was the way Nyheim Hines reacted to seeing Tavon Austin walk by him on the field. He acted like a kid in a candy store by saying, “I got to say hi to him!” You later see him make his way over to say hello.

If you are anywhere in the age range of 23-30 you know who has the coolest college football highlight video on Youtube with 21M views. That would be the West Virginia product Tavon Austin. Check it out below after fanboy Nyheim Hines says his hello.

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