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Through the 2021 Season, Titans RB Derrick Henry has been a 1-man wrecking ball. He leads the NFL with 191 carries, 68 more than than Joe Mixon who is 2nd in the NFL and is 1st in yards ahead of Colts RB Jonathan Taylor with 869 yards to Taylor’s 579.

Dave McGinnis is the current Titans Radio Analyst and longtime NFL coach who has been around all-time RB greats like Walter Payton, Emmitt Smith, and Eddie George. JMV asked Dave who Henry reminds him of and why he has been so successful in an era that has increasingly relied less and less on the running game:

“A little bit of an upright speed runner like Eric Dickerson was but he is more of a power runner. He’s a high-cut runner but he still has power. He’s also got the ability to run, what, 22 miles-per-hour like he did a few weeks ago. I came into the NFL with Walter Payton, and Walter’s success came from a lot of natural talent but he was also a highly conditioned player. His conditioning was paramount to him. Henry is also a highly conditioned  player. To be able to withstand the rigors of all the carries he gets you have to be highly conditioned.”


Dave McGinnis and JMV then talked about A.J. Brown coming on over the last few weeks and why a certain receiver in Indy has a very similar type of game:

“A.J. Brown is a tremendous combat catcher just like Michael Pittman Jr. up in Indy. He’s a tremendous combat catcher and those type of players are very difficult to defend 1-on-1 in the NFL. Michael Pittman Sr. played for me, I drafted him in Arizona and I remember Michael Pittman Jr. sitting in his dad’s lap in my office. I don’t think he can sit on his lap right now but he’s certainly become a great contact player.”

The Colts will look to even the season series with the Titans and keep the AFC South division champion crown open with a home win on Sunday! Take a listen to the rest of JMV’s interview with Dave for an in-depth preview of Colts vs Titans!