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Week 5 of the NFL Season is here and JMV is ready to continue his hot streak picking games against the spread! With the Colts not playing until Monday Night, Colts fans will be able to keep a close eye on other games around the NFL, especially the Titans as they take on the Jaguars.

JMV on the season: 34-30, 10-6 in Week 4

Thursday Night Football:

Rams-2 @ Seattle


Falcons -3 vs Jets

Bucs -10 vs Dolphins

Panthers -3.5 vs Eagles

Washington +2 vs Saints

Titans -4.5 @ Jaguars

Lions +9 @ Vikings

Broncos +1 @ Steelers

Bengals +3 vs Packers

Patriots -9 @ Texans

Raiders -5.5 vs Bears

Browns +2 @ Chargers

Cowboys -7 vs Giants

Cardinals -5.5 vs 49ers

Bills +2.5 @ Chiefs    LOCK of the Week


Monday Night Football:

Ravens -7 vs Colts

JMV’s reason for picking against the Colts:

“Baltimore is looking pretty good and they’ve navigated through an array of injuries. I would love for this to be a turning point in the season for the Colts, alas, coming off of last year really fading in the 2nd half losing 24-10 and given the circumstances so far this year I can’t take the Colts.”

Hopefully for Colts fans JMV is dead wrong and they’re able to pull the upset in Baltimore on primetime!


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