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With the Pacers 2021-22 season starting up, so have the rumors around the NBA that 76ers star Ben Simmons will be moved to another team before the regular season begins.

The Pacers have been rumored to be a dark horse team for the 3x All-Star’s services which has lead to discussion amongst Pacers fans to whether a trade would help the team become a top 4 Eastern Conference team.

The Fan Morning Show host Kevin Bowen joined JMV on his show Wednesday to talk about any sort of trade package that makes sense for the Pacers:

“I was anti trading for Ben Simmons but if you’re telling me that it was Malcolm Brogdon, TJ Warren, and some draft picks for Ben Simmons I think I would do that…the Pacers don’t have a late game scorer right now. I know everyone thinks TJ Warren is going to be but now you have to really question how much availability he will have going forward. That’s why I think that trade scenario of Brogdon, Warren, and picks would change my mind on a trade.”

Kevin Bowen argued that even though Simmons is one of the best defenders in the NBA as a 2x All-Defensive player, his limitations on offense aren’t worth the gamble:

“The officiating has and will continue to favor the offense more and more. Elite defense just doesn’t win at the level it used to. As much as he would help in some capacity on that end of the floor, the object of the game is to put the ball in the hoop and that dude wants no part of it in crunch time and that would really rub me the wrong way.”

With the 76ers and Ben Simmons at a stalemate as to his future in Philadelphia, trade rumors will only continue to heat up as the regular season starts in only a few weeks.

If you missed any of JMV’s thoughts about Ben Simmons and the Pacers, listen to the full show podcast below!


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