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Live look at Kyle Schwarber’s Free Agent status after the American League Wild Card Game.


Writing this as a Chicago Cubs fan and broadcaster within the organization makes me want to throw my laptop at the nearest brick wall.

But I am genuinely happy for Schwarber. As the Cubs were in a position of power and in possession of the ability to get something back for the former Indiana Hoosier, they chose to just let him walk.

Not one of Theo Epstein’s wisest moves before he called it quits in Chicago.

Damn, though. Tuesday was cool.

Schwarber vs Gerrit Cole; And history repeated itself.

Pretty crazy when you think about it.

Schwarber owns Cole in the playoffs. Then again, maybe Cole is just missing his spider tack a little too much. Regardless, Fenway Park was rocking and the Sox are heading to the American League Division Series against the Tampa Bay Rays.

As a former Masshole as they call them, I got to take a trip to Fenway when I was broadcasting in the Cape Cod Baseball League. It was magical. Each CCBL team gets a workout day at Fenway, and during ours with the Orleans Firebirds, the broadcast team got to shag BP and be on the field. Pretty dang cool.

But back to Schwarber. Easiest bet of the decade.

I doubt that he would ever think about coming back to the Cubs after they kind of screwed him over and put him in a “prove it” spot when he signed with the Washington Nationals.

But boy I hope he would consider it. The Red Sox are a great spot for him though. When they traded for him, my first reaction was how many bombs is he about to hit towards Pesky’s Pole?

If Boston pays him, it will be money well spent.

Schwarber is going to hit .220 and you have to settle for that. But the ability to hit 40 home runs from the leadoff spot is outrageously unique.

Pull our your check books, because Schwarboooooo tanks are possibly coming to a city near you.

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