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If the Colts lose to Jacoby Brissett and the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, I will gladly buy their casket.

Check that, I’ll buy the casket and even help dig the grave in the cemetery.

Because there’s no rallying back if that happens. If you lose to the guy that you paid $20 million dollars to sit on the bench last year and then subsequently let go to bring in Carson Wentz, that’s ugly.

On top of the Jacoby stuff, taking your talents to South Beach with an 0-3 record isn’t really a good omen.

That’s like going to Vegas with your crew and already being down 200 bucks while also hungover and sun burnt. You’re just not going to have an enjoyable time.

But that’s how it goes in the NFL. If there’s any silver lining, Frank Reich has been through this before. Look at 2018. Things turned out okay.

Does this Colts team have the same swagger, grit, and sensibility as that 2018 squad that turned it around though? If not, somebody’s getting canned.

So here they are; Your fast four keys for Sunday.

1) Next Man Up

So, this isn’t ideal.


The offensive line musical chairs game is brutal.

I truly cannot take it anymore. How does Chris Ballard not learn his lesson last year and then also not invest in capable backups for a line that can’t stay healthy? It makes me want to throw my phone at a wall.

You’re not going to get anywhere complaining about all this. So you might as well sack up as our friend DD would say.

I’m really excited to see what Kemoko Turay can do with a full NFL start. Even though the Dolphins are painfully average, Myles Gaskin is talented. He’ll challenge the Colts in the trenches.

With Willis, he was one of my top-five Colts during training camp. But through the first three weeks I’ve been really disappointed with the safety play. This was a great opportunity to turn things around. He’ll have to wait for now.

2) Stop Hanging Carson Wentz Out to Dry

It seems to be universally agreed that out of all the problems the Colts have, Wentz is very low on that list.

That’s honestly surprising with all of the injuries and other stuff surrounding him. But when he is healthy and on the field, he’s dynamite.

Wentz is getting zero favors from his offensive line though. Absolutely none.

31 QB hits through three games.

Isn’t that why he wanted to get out of Philly and come here? The attractiveness of the offensive line is supposed to be a marquee factor for the Colts.

Right now it’s not. And if they don’t change fast, the demons are going to come back for big #2.

3) Please Give Nyheim Hines (or Jonathan Taylor) the Ball

I wrote a column on this earlier in the week.

The frustration level for JT and Hines getting the ball on carries a total of 16 times against the Titans might make Colts fans go bald.

Reich can say all he wants about judging how many guys are in the box or what match-ups he likes on a given play. Last year Reich was answering questions on getting away from the run as well.

This is nothing new.

For some reason, the Colts feel like they need to make every situation a shootout. Getting back to the run will only help you in the play action game.

You saw what Hines did against Tennessee in a limited capacity. And we know exactly what Taylor is capable of. Fantasy owners of both have to be just absolutely pissed.

By the way, listen to The Way Too Early Pregame Show on Sunday morning at 6 AM with myself and Eddie Garrison. We will be airing our fantasy football grievances at around 6:45. Please join us to get those off your chest.

It will be like therapy.

4) Jaylen Waddle is a Dangerous Weapon

There aren’t a whole lot of aspects of the Dolphins that can beat you. One is definitely pretty evident and that’s the first round pick out of Alabama.

The rookie has already caught 22 passes in his first three NFL games and is a part of the Miami offense that can hurt you on a big play at anytime.

Injury concerns had Waddle drop by a considerable margin in the draft, but he has looked the part in every way so far. With the Colts down bad in the defensive back category, that can create a really bad outcome.

Only Anquan Boldin has caught more passes in their first three NFL contests than Waddle since 1966.

The real question, can Jacoby get him the ball?

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