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There were a few key thoughts that I took out of being at Indianapolis Colts training camp everyday.

Number one was when Carson Wentz is healthy, he looks exceptional. Healthy is the key word there. Two? Mike Strachan needs red zone opportunities. We’re still waiting on a little back corner end zone fade to the rookie wideout. And I’d like to see it soon.

But maybe the biggest point from camp was in the backup quarterback spot on the roster.

I love Sam Ehlinger.

And knowing what we do now, Ehlinger should be Wentz’s backup as soon as he comes off of injured reserve.

Frank Reich can tell you that the decision to make Brett Hundley the number two option in Week 3 at Tennessee was solely because of his experience and starting nine games in the league. But don’t lie to yourself.

It’s clear that the Colts are not happy with what Jacob Eason has done since after the pre-season.

Against the Carolina Panthers, this guy could do no wrong. NFL throws, big arm, you name it, people were eating it up.

But now? This dude is getting sent to the shadow realm it seems like. If that’s the case, you need to go with the former Texas Longhorn.

Remember when people were torching Ehlinger because of “arm strength”? He really put that to bed literally the play before he got hurt.

Every single day, Ehlinger stayed on the practice field 20-30 minutes after the final whistle to get work with his former high school teammate Kylen Granson.

He was the only quarterback to do that.

When you put in effort, it rarely goes unnoticed. And now after he returns to the active roster, it should be 2 and 4 patrolling the sidelines as the Colts best two options to get them out of the 0-3 sinkhole.

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