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Last night on Colts Roundtable Live, Colts head coach Frank Reich was asked about the play of the offensive line through two weeks.

His answer perplexed all of us here at The Dan Dakich Show.

“I think the O-Line has been solid,” Coach Reich said. “We’ve played two really good defenses and I think they’ve played solid against both.”

There’s been millions of dollars invested into the Colts O-Line, yet despite being described as “solid” Carson Wentz is on pace to get hit more than Andrew Luck ever was.

Dan stressed this when addressing Reich’s comments during his show on Tuesday afternoon.

“Carson Wentz is on pace to be hit 179 times. Most Andrew Luck was ever hit? 122. “Dakich said. “Now I don’t know what solid is supposed to look like, but that ain’t solid people.”

On top of the O-Line play leading to the Colts 0-2 start, its also contributed to Wentz spraining both ankles.

Solid huh? The play of the Colts O-Line and the prospect of victory at Tennessee on Sunday both seem pretty aqueous at the moment.

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