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Through two weeks in this NFL regular season, the Indianapolis Colts have quite frankly been.. what’s the word?


The offensive line is playing musical chairs. Defensive backs have been grated like parmesan cheese by Russell Wilson and Matthew Stafford. And nobody can figure out what the hell the plan is with Marlon Mack.

Now you have to go on the road for three consecutive weeks against the following –

  1. Your most important AFC South early season game against the Tennessee Titans in recent memory
  2. Potentially a revenge game versus Jacoby Brissett and the Miami Dolphins if Tua can’t play
  3. Another revenge game battling Justin Houston and the Baltimore Ravens, plus trying to stop Lamar Jackson, who just slayed the giant that is known as the Kansas City Chiefs.


But there has been a major bright spot for the Colts. Maybe this guy isn’t getting the attention he truly deserves too. That’s because a certain offensive weapon is tied for the most touchdowns of any NFL wide receiver two weeks in.

Also can we acknowledge that nobody in the league has caught more touchdown passes so far than Gronk? I mean come on. This dude is doing Gronk spikes on NYE next to Steve Harvey in Times Square last year, and now he’s still playing like the greatest tight end we’ve ever seen.

But back to the real point.

Zach Pascal is balling out right now. 3 TD’s, 2 games.

Carson Wentz absolutely loves this guy. And that’s even more concerning if Jacob Eason has to start against Tennessee in Sunday. In a short matter of time, and barely any training camp practices, Wentz has established a legitimate connection with one of the Colts most dangerous men down field.

Philip Rivers adored Pascal too. That was clear in the home win over the Houston Texans last year.

Pascal’s hot start is no fluke.

14 was a guy that was out there every single day grinding during camp. And he’s someone who has 100 percent earned it.

From a special teams only guy to a reliable NFL wide receiver who has the same TD stat-line as Cooper Kupp and DeAndre Hopkins? That’s not too shabby.

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