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We’ve got an all-time Dan Dakich rant on the way.

Great because it’s an entertaining 20 minutes, but pretty brutal due to the subject matter.

The Indianapolis Colts hate playing in Week 1. So much so, that they have not shown up for game number one for eight years in a row. Sunday afternoon at Lucas Oil Stadium was no different.

It didn’t help either that Russell Wilson was playing like the Colts defense was on rookie mode in Madden.

The future Hall-of-Famer did whatever he wanted on Sunday. 70 yard passes? Sure. Scramble and pick up first downs? Absolutely. Carve up the 11 guys standing in front of him? You know it.

But about that DD rant, here’s a little taste.

“You supposedly have the greatest general manager in the freaking world,” DD said. “When is the last time this team beat a good team? When? You tell me and I’ll listen. 28-16. You go on 4th and 1 and you get a fumble. A stupid ass call too. And a lot guys are excited about Mike Strachan because he made a catch. Great, yay, rah, go, fight, win. How do you not have playmakers? The dumbest of the dumb though was the coach.”

A lot to unpack here.

But that’s straight facts. Wasn’t this supposed to be a top-10 defense coming out of camp?

Not at this rate.


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