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Just like the Indianapolis Colts, the problems that exist for the Indiana Pacers slam into one door, tail out another, and then ramp back in again.

Getting Rick Carlisle back to coach in the 317 was great. Terrific, actually.

But Carlisle can’t fix lousy luck.

That’s exactly what Indiana has dealt with. The proverbial ‘wins’ for the organization sure as hell don’t outweigh the losses and the negatives.

Now in a week where Edmond Sumner tears his achilles, on top of finding out that T.J. Warren’s foot rehab is moving about as slow as I-65 traffic during construction hours, we sit here still asking the same question.

Who in the world thought it was a good idea to run it back with a team that quite frankly was absolutely awful at times last year?

Do we continue to blame it on Nate Bjorkgren or even Nate McMillan? No.

Somebody needs to be held accountable. Because now you are absolutely relying on Chris Duarte being a hit. His Summer League performance gave some hope, but if he flops, you’ve got issues.

There is no saving grace that will come in and save the season if Warren and Sumner can’t go. No, it’s not this guy either.

Lance should be brought back for morale purposes only.

Carlisle’s team may be in big trouble.

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