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Yesterday brought forth news that Carson Wentz has been placed on yet another list, this time the NFL’s Covid List, that will force him to miss some time.

Wentz’s absence might be brief, should he stay negative and asymptomatic, but Dan Dakich is tired of seeing Carson Wentz on all of these lists.

“Wentz gets hurt, Wentz is back, Wentz is on Covid, I don’t know,” Dakich said on Monday. “How about you do this, how about [you] stop being on different lists?”

It’s a fair point. Over the last month, Wentz had surgery on his foot, returned for a brief stretch, and now finds himself on the NFL’s Covid list. The latest list, and missed practice time that comes with it,  impacts the chances of Carson Wentz starting Week 1.

This has caused frustration among Colts fans and drawn the ire of The Dan Dakich Show.

“I’m tired of Wentz already and it’s too early for me to be tired of him,” Dakich said.

Dan wants to see Carson Wentz succeed, but it’s difficult to do so when he keeps missing time.

“I don’t want to be tired of him, I want to like him and I hope he plays great here,” Dan said. “but now he’s on another list!”

For now, it’s a wait and see game on the amount of time Wentz will miss.

Hopefully, whenever Carson returns, the only lists he’s on are award watch lists throughout the season.

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