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We all might have jumped the gun again about the Indianapolis Colts.

First it was thinking Carson Wentz would actually get significant pre-season reps. Nope.

Then we figured Sam Tevi could at least be a decent fill-in at left tackle. Lol.

And now the notion that the Colts depth at wide receiver would be enough to take any worry away in case of a major injury. Oh, you know what’s happening.

T.Y. Hilton just entered dangerous territory; And Colts fans have been through this type of pandora’s box before.

Uh oh.

So in Hilton’s potential elongated absence, is Chris Ballard going to sit back and let the chips fall? Or is it time to be aggressive?

Time is done on playing the waiting game.

If this team is serious about winning multiple Super Bowls like Jim Irsay says, you don’t turn to a rookie wide receiver like Mike Strachan and practically a rookie in Dezmon Patmon to get you there.

Now to be fair, Strachan and Patmon each had terrific training camps. I even said that Strachan at some point is going to have a monstrous breakout game sooner rather than later in the regular season.

But to replace a guy like Hilton? Don’t kid yourselves. You need to spend some green.

So that leads to the next question. Who’s out there?

This list isn’t very good.

But that shouldn’t deter Ballard away from bringing someone in. It’s imperative.

As great as Zach Pascal has been, he’s not a number one wide receiver. You are now banking on Michael Pittman Jr. to fill part of Hilton’s gap.

What about someone like Golden Tate?

For Tate, his best days are behind him. He’s no longer the young stud coming out of Notre Dame with every down big play ability. But the former Irishman can still ball, there’s no doubt about that.

He clearly thinks he can.

When a guy truly says that he wants to be here. Don’t waste time or cut corners.

We see this with the Pacers all the time. If someone says Indianapolis is for them, put a pen in their hand and let’s go.

Tate isn’t going to give you 1300 yards and double digit touchdowns. But there’s one clear thing he possesses that the Colts will miss without Hilton on the field.

The threat of a game wrecking play.

T.Y. out there alerts defenses to be on their P’s and Q’s; Same case for Tate.

And with Pittman still learning, the uncertainty of Parris Campbell’s injury history, and Strachan being so raw, the Colts must have at least one trick up their sleeve.

Tate already called the 574 home, now how about the 317?

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