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03/27/2018-The Loyola Ramblers were heading to the Final Four and Ramblers 1963 Champion and Guard with the Indiana Pacers back in the ABA days joined DD to talk about what it was like when he grew up playing basketball at Rucker Park, the NBA vs ABA, his National Championship win in 1963 and of course why this 2018 FF team was so special.

Mr. Jerry Harkness told a story that you wouldn’t even believe!  At the time in HS, he didn’t even think he was good enough for the team.  Someone came up to him at the local YMCA and said hey, you are pretty good.  Went out for the team and made it.  Wait until you hear who that person was at the YMCA that day.  Talk about being inspired.

More importantly, Mr. Harkness was a pioneer leader for civil rights and equality.  He was the first black sportscaster in Indianapolis and a member of the College Basketball Hall of Fame.  Jerry was also the first African-American fundraiser for the United Way and helped found both Indiana Black Expo and the 100 Black Men in Indianapolis.  Life after basketball was dedicated to helping others in the community.

RIP to Mr. Jerry Harkness

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