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Jacob Eason & Sam Ehlinger made their preseason debuts yesterday and the Colts fan base seemed to approve.

The Two quarterbacks started their opportunities with a few quick routes, drag routes, and hand-offs to allow their running backs to quietly gain the first down when needed to move the chains.

The main things we were hoping to see were the decision-making, comfort level, and the ability to escape if needed. The two guys seemed to manage that pretty well.

Once Frank Reich got a good idea of where these guys stood comfort-wise, they really started to let it fly!

Jacob Eason, after waiting for this moment, received his opportunity to show off his skillsets that have been in hiding for way too long. The biggest thing that stuck out about Eason is man does this guy have a rocket!

Sam Ehlinger, The 6th round pick from Texas has been making quite the headlines. He is shocking other players and coaches with his decisiveness and scrambling ability.

Sam started the second half for the Colts and threw an early interception. But answered quickly, you could see he was bummed walking off the field starting his first series like that but it was not long until we forgot all about it. Ehlinger really came to life during his second series.

If you saw that fist pump on that two-point conversion you know this man bring HEART to the table.

Eason and Ehlinger were not only impressive, they were also fun to watch and Colts fans haven’t had both of those since Andrew Luck.

Out of all the Colts preseason games in our past, we can say none of them lived up to the hype of this one and it delivered!