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Jason Hammer Jumped on The Dan Dakich Show on Friday to discuss some betting insight you may be able to use during the NFL preseason.

Every NFL fan knows how big of a tease the NFL preseason is but it never seems to stop us from digging in our pockets and placing $20 on the spread for the Colts on Sunday before the wifey gets home.

You just have to remember, ITS. JUST. PRESEASON. so save your money for the good stuff. But man does it feel good to be watching some football again! (and maybe having some money on it)

Dan kicked off the show by sharing 3 very fitting questions he was asked in the past couple of days.

  • Hey Dan, Are you Betting on Preseason Games?
  • Hey Dan, Are you a degenerate if you bet on NFL preseason Games?
  • Hey Dan, Would you rather bet the money line, spread, or over/under during preseason?

Hammer quickly responded by saying, “well, I went 2-0 last night so that tells you all you need to know about the degenerate I am. I had the Steelers with the points last night and I had the Under on the New England vs Washington game last night too.”

If you were listening to The Fan last night you would have head Hammer hand out those picks to his listeners on his weekly show on Thursday from 7PM – 8PM called “You Bet With Bet Rivers.”

Hammer and Dan aren’t taking the preseason for granted this year:

Hammer mentioned, “this time last year we were betting on Russian table tennis, so if your asking me if I am going to bet on NFL preseason my answer is 100% yes!”

Jimmy Cook added that he hasn’t bet on any preseason games but if he would he would focus on the over/under.

To end the conversation Dan brought up a point that might help you make a little money in the next couple of weeks:

“Vegas will know the second-string quarterback effect in each game but what they won’t know is the third-string lineman effect in the 4th quarter. So study up and choose wisely.”

Editors choice on the weekend: Colts -1.5

The Colts have handled the Panthers at camp this week pretty well and to add some sprinkles on top there seems to be a quarterback battle going on. The defense is hungry and both kickers have not missed a field goal. Did we forget to mention full capacity is a thing? It’s time to back the blue!

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