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There is a short list of people in the sports world that you would run through a brick wall for.

Indiana Football Head Coach Tom Allen is one of them; In a big way.

Coach Allen commands respect no matter where he goes. And in turn he always looks out for his players and coaches. The former head man at Ben Davis High High School has really carved out quite the career on the sidelines.

The wild part is he’s just getting started.

Wednesday on The Fan Morning Show, Allen dropped by to chat with Jeff Rickard and Big Joe Staysniak about how the Hoosiers are approaching 2021. The thing about Allen’s club is that no matter what the national perspective on IU is, his expectations never change.

“Last year when you talked to our team they expected what happened,” Allen said. “Not everybody else did, but it only matters what we think. Even for me, I can believe certain things. But the question is what they believe. I say this to the team all the time; What do they believe? That’s what really matters. Last year or this year, they expect to compete for a Big Ten Championship.”

The theme for this year’s Indiana team is CHASE.

Allen always has one word that he focuses on when getting ready for crucial times. Now that spring football is past us, and we’re getting ready for the month of August. He had that particular word on his mind.

“It’s the idea of chasing after greatness every single day,” Allen said. “We defined that word for our team during our initial meeting in January. We took two particular words from the definition of chase; earnest and frenzy. We have to attack every single day like a starving lion chasing its prey.”

Yeah, you’d run through a brick wall for that.

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