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(00:00-06:37) – While Greg Rakestraw enjoys a vacation, Indy Eleven’s John Koluder (Senior Director of Communications and Marketing) fills in as the host of today’s edition of Soccer Saturday. In the opening segment, John spends some time looking at the standings as we near the halfway point of the season, giving you the specials that will be available for tonight’s match, and shares his excitement for the opening of tailgating this weekend.

(09:38-19:58) – Assistant Coach Phil Presser joins John Koluder and Josh Mason to explain how the recent results on the road might be able to improve their performance at Carrol Stadium, what is different about the team now in comparison to when Martin Rennie was the head coach of the Indy Eleven, and how the fans really help with the team’s confidence.

(22:59-33:30) – Assistant Coach Phil Presser rejoins for a second segment with John Koluder and Josh Mason and details his involvement with the USL Academy in connection with the Indy Eleven and how the USL Academy games can lead to future opportunities to further young soccer athlete’s careers.

(36:32-45:51) – Midfielder Patrick Seagrist of the Indy Eleven on loan from Inter Miami, joins John Koluder on Soccer Saturday to explain how the acclimation process is going for him at this point in the season, how nice it has been playing in the mid-west in comparison to playing out east or down south, and how the team has responded to the change of Max Rogers as the interim head coach after Martin Rennie’s departure.

(48:52-57:27) –  John Koluder wraps up today’s edition of Soccer Saturday in the same way Greg Rakestraw would by giving you all the news and notes you need heading into this upcoming week of soccer both for the Indy Eleven and nationally.


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