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On this very rainy day in Central Indiana, it feels like the classic opening scene of a scary movie.

It’s dark, gloomy, and chilly. Then the scene zooms into that one spooky house where you don’t know what’s happening inside.

That house is TD Garden in Boston.

And they were the victims of a Woj Bomb.


But seriously, wow. This is one of those things that was on the same level with Brad Stevens leaving the Butler Bulldogs in 2013. You don’t believe it at first; But if Woj says it, well, you’re out of luck.

It’s perplexing, but so are most breaking news stories in sports. Stevens is one of the best of all time with the sideline whiteboard.

You can also end any sort of rumor that Stevens ends up back in the 317 (or Bloomington) at least for now. Mike Woodson is the guy at IU, who knows what’s going on with Nate Bjorkgren, and any Butler fan who had dreams of a soap opera type reunion with the Bulldogs is disappointed today.

But again, why?

Danny Ainge once made the transition from coaching to the press box. But to be fair, he was no Stevens on the sidelines.

In four seasons with the Phoenix Suns, Ainge never got the team out of the first round. Stevens literally took a school of less than 5000 kids to the national championship game, twice.

But after all, it is official.

Wild times in the NBA.

Could there one day be a return home for Stevens? Maybe.

But at least for now, the chilly and gloomy day over the Hoosier Sky signals that he’ll be sticking to his weekend summer trips to Cape Cod.

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