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Were you up late enough for the Nate Bjorkgren Woj BOMB that was dropped upon us last night?

Woj really snuck this one in there.

But damn, this explains a lot.

This season has been brutal. Injuries, COVID, inconsistency, you name it. It just has been a complete wash.

Here’s the question though. Has Bjorkgren been dealt a fully fair hand this year?

The Pacers won their first three games of the season over the Knicks, Bulls, and Celtics. That was with a completely healthy team. We’re talking Victor Oladipo, T.J. Warren, Domantas Sabonis; Everybody.

What happened next? Complete chaos.

Oladipo’s Miami Vice phase, Warren gets hurt, injuries pile up. It went on and on.

And now we sit here today with this Woj bomb. Obviously, this is not all on Bjorkgren. But it doesn’t sound like we’re stepping in any positive direction.

“Kindness is weakness in the NBA,” Dan Dakich said on Wednesday. “Bjorkgren coached with Nick Nurse. Great. All of that is great. But the truth of the matter is, you weren’t an (NBA) player. So you have to figure it out and earn respect in the locker room. You do not do that by acquiescing and being perceived as soft. Players know these things more than anybody.”

So Nate McMillan was too hard and too demanding? OK. You make a change.

But that new respect from the players isn’t given, it’s earned. Clearly, that hasn’t been the case. Although Malcolm Brogdon earlier this year called Bjorkgren “brilliant.”

What happened? Woj said the relationships are troubling with key players. Is Brogdon included?

“Who’s the leader,” DD questioned. “All signs point to Brogdon. I don’t think Myles Turner is a factor. Turner will go whatever way the wind blows. Sabonis seems like a guy that would just put his head down. But I have been told by some people that Brogdon is ‘at it again.’ I know this though. The Pacers don’t want to play.”

This is a mess.

Please, beat Sacramento.

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