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No matter what the Indianapolis Colts do with the 21st overall pick in the NFL Draft tomorrow night, we’re not going to know the real result for a few years.

Just like we now know the brutal outcome of the 2019 Colts early draftees.

Rock Ya-Sin, Ben Banogu, and Parris Campbell with your first three picks?

That’s bad.

Now what has happened to Campbell with injury troubles is unfortunate. But Rock was getting ran off the field last year and people still barely know who Banogu is.

That cannot happen again; And for Dan Dakich, this year’s strategy should be pretty simple.

“Nobody understands the value of an offensive tackle more than me,” DD said on Wednesday. “You need a left tackle. If you can get one that you can put in for however many years, you just do it. I don’t care about value or accumulating picks. Left tackle is important enough that if you know there’s a guy you like you take him. You need to solve this issue.”

Don’t get us wrong, Chris Ballard is a no nonsense guy. One would think if he has a guy he likes, he’s going to do everything possible to take him.

Indianapolis simply cannot afford to mess around with one of the most important spots on the field anymore.

No more signing guys out of retirement. No more third stringers. Get it done.

“They say there are a lot of guys in the offensive tackle spot,” DD added. “You need to take one and not jack around. That’s unless you go and get Eric Fisher. If you get Fisher that’s great too. You just can’t be jackassing around.”

We’ll find out in 24 hours!

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