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Goodness. That month went by fast didn’t it?

Almost too quickly. But it always does.

The whitewash of the top-seeded Gonzaga Bulldogs that the Baylor Bears delivered was nothing short of impressive. And we finally got our One Shining Moment.

But for real, Baylor is really good. They had the Zags on the ropes from the opening bell.

“There was no comeback coming by Gonzaga,” Dan Dakich said on his show Tuesday. “None. Zero. Zip. Nada. No. Zero. Period. No soup for you, no comeback!”

You always have to appreciate a good Seinfeld reference.

In all seriousness, we all found out together that the NCAA Tournament was coming to the Circle City shortly after the new year.

Afterwards, an overwhelming shout of joy immediately hit Downtown Indianapolis. I’m telling you. That announcement truly changed everything.

It gave hope that the world was healing from a terrible pandemic that has impacted us all. It revitalized businesses around the city. And maybe most importantly, it brought us all together once again as sports fans.

Call it whatever you want. But the vibe or buzz or feel of Indy over the last month has been incredible. Every single day there was something to do, somewhere to go, somebody to see. Every day.

People that were here from out of state enjoyed it. People from the suburbs loved it. Downtown residents could leave their place and immediately be part of something special by walking 50-feet.

This is also really a precursor to the month of May. If everything goes according to plan there with the health and safety stuff, that’s going to be unreal.

Thank you Indianapolis. Thanks to the players and coaches. Shout out to all the fans.

Let’s do it again next year?

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