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INDIANAPOLIS – If Frank Reich is not the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Carson Wentz is very likely somewhere else.

But the mutual fondness that both Reich and Wentz have for each other, has brought the two together again.

For Reich, he views Wentz as the quarterback that will finally stabilize the most important position in sports for his team and get the Colts over the hump.

For Wentz, he views the chance to work under Reich again as a golden opportunity to have a second chapter in his NFL journey.

It’s well-documented how much Reich was enamored with Wentz during the 2016 draft process, as the then Eagles offensive coordinator told those above him in the Philly organization that this was the guy they needed to go and get.

While Wentz didn’t necessarily know that at the time, he felt that early relationship.

“Coach Reich, I’ll never forget when I was working out up in Fargo, North Dakota before the draft and he, Coach (Doug) Pederson and everyone kind of came out and it was just instant, it was instant that we had this connection,” Wentz recalls.

“We are both obviously men of faith and we were able to talk about our values and different things. It was natural. It was natural and then finally getting to work with him for two years – not just the personal side of things, which we knew we had a great relationship with that, but the Xs and Os of football and how we see the game. And how we can have healthy discussions and disagreements, but really challenge each other and ultimately make each other better. It was a lot of fun. That is something I’m super excited about, getting to work with him because I have the utmost respect for the man that he is, the friend that he’s been to me as well, but also the coach that he is as well.”

Even though Reich was Wentz’s OC (and not the play caller) for just two seasons, they quickly reached the highest level of success.

In that 2017 campaign for Wentz—his second in the NFL—the No. 2 overall pick was arguably the MVP of the league before tearing his ACL that December.

As you’d expect, Wentz has fond memories of that year.

“Just working with Frank going really from year one as a rookie just trying to learn everything. Obviously, I was thrown into the fire pretty quick, to year two having an offseason where we could really put our minds together and figure out what I like best, what he likes best, how we can maximize what our offense is able to do and just seeing that game through his mind and him seeing it through my eyes I thought was really cool,” Wentz says.

“Obviously, I don’t know how many years (Reich) played but for however long he played the position, he gets it. He gets it as a player. He understands our perspective. He understands a quarterback’s perspective more than anything and that always helps when you’re building those relationships.”

Reich’s pedigree in the NFL was a massive factor in the Colts feeling comfortable pulling off such a trade.

There’s risk, something Chris Ballard admits, but both the GM and Owner have belief in the man that will now be calling the plays for one of his favorite players.

“The type of experience (Reich) has both as a player and as a coach, what kind of man he is, his intelligence, all the things that quite frankly make him one of the top one or two or three, maybe the best in the league at developing and grooming quarterbacks,” Irsay says. “At this point, I can’t think of anyone better. Bruce Arians certainly is right there and even a mentor to Frank, but he is special.

“He really gets an understanding – very realistic on saying, ‘How can I make this player be the best Carson Wentz Carson can be, period?’ I don’t think he tries to make the quarterback something they are not. He really is a great asset to the franchise because he’s a great head coach with his leadership and his whole overall looking at the football program. But in this league, we know we are quarterback driven and when you have a coach like him who really gives a quarterback the best chance to be great in this league, that is really special and I think that’s one of the attributes that I feel make us real Super Bowl contenders is his talent to be able to elevate a quarterback’s play to its very highest of levels. That’s what you’re always looking for. You’re always looking for guys to play as well as they can, and you let the chips fall where they may after that.”