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Tiger Woods is still with us. And thank goodness.

After a violent crash in Southern California yesterday morning, Tiger miraculously does not have life threatening injuries and is alert and speaking with those caring for him at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in LA.

According to reports, Woods still suffered major injuries in the accident. Of the multiple issues, the biggest was in his right leg where his tibia and fibula were fractured.

Obviously, this type of injury is different than anything ever suffered in a game situation during other sports. But on The Fan Morning Show Wednesday, injury expert Will Carroll compared it to another high profile athlete’s experience.

Dak Prescott is the comparable injury because it was a compound fracture in multiple bones in the same area,” Carroll said. “People have told me Tiger’s injury is a little higher than you would normally see with an ankle. With any surgery, you’re really worried about infections too. That was a concern with Prescott and why he needed to have multiple surgeries and that could be with Tiger too.”

Tiger is 45-years-old.

He didn’t have an elongated future before the accident. The guy told Jim Nantz this week that he didn’t even know if he could play in The Masters because of his back. Now you add this somber and wildly unfortunate twist, and who knows what the future is for the GOAT.

“Even though he had the back surgery not too long ago, it shouldn’t be a major factor,” Carroll said. “And of course it’s way too early to know if he’s going to play. It’s fair that a year is potentially a reasonable number. But it’s tough to say. Broken bones tend to heal in six-to-eight weeks.”

Whenever Tiger does call it quits due to the injury or not, can you imagine the documentary that he will eventually do to tell all?

We’re talking MJ style The Last Dance stuff. If and when that ever happens, it might be the most compelling thing to air in television history.

Keep fighting Tiger.

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