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Matty Ice in Lucas Oil Stadium?

Oh baby.

Now that’s something we would be on board for. And it shouldn’t be too difficult either for Chris Ballard to get done. Matt Ryan doesn’t fit in the future plans of the Atlanta Falcons anymore.

Enter the Indianapolis Colts. Here’s what DD had to say on The Dan Dakich Show Tuesday.

“I think this is all going to fall to Matt Ryan,” DD said. “Maybe the Falcons want him to sit there and be the guy that mentors. I don’t know but I doubt it. In the fourth spot they’re going to draft Justin Fields or Zach Wilson. You strike while the iron is hot and you get him to a team like the Colts.”

With all the Carson Wentz craziness too, maybe Atlanta would shop him for cheaper than what the Philadelphia Eagles are doing. By all accounts, the price for Wentz is on another planet. This is the word out of Chicago, who is apparently also in the mix.

Thanks, but no thanks if that’s the case.

“The Colts have to act,” DD added. “Ballard doesn’t act out of desperation. He acts out of common sense. But the fact of the matter is you have to get somebody in here and there’s only a limited number of guys who can actually help you.”

Don’t ask Dan about Nick Foles either.

That’s a big nope.

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