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Who would have ever guessed that Dan Dakich and Chris Ballard would become the perfect marriage of media and management?

Friday afternoon was a MONSTER on The Dan Dakich Show.

In what was a thought-provoking, insightful, and funny as hell conversation, Ballard laid it all out with DD.

From the future of the quarterback position, wild Andrew Luck rumors, left tackle solutions, and draft discussion, you need to listen to this thing.

DD doesn’t mess around. He said at the start that he was going to ask him the same stuff he says on the air; And that’s exactly what he did. Obviously, Ballard is a straight-shooter as well.

“There’s a fine line between being aggressive and desperate,” Ballard said. “We are not going to operate in a desperate mode. You have to have enough conviction and belief in what you’re doing that even if you get criticized in the moment, it will work out over time.”

In a world where Twitter and social media reigns supreme, that’s tough to do. Does that quote set up for what’s to come though?

After Matthew Stafford got picked up by the Los Angeles Rams, it seems like no matter what the Colts do at quarterback, there is going to be some level of pushback.

“This league is driven by quarterbacks,” Ballard mentioned. “But you also need a team around that position. We’ll look at every avenue to make sure that we get a guy who can produce at a winning level for us. If you think back to last year at this time, it was panic mode. And even when we signed Philip Rivers, there wasn’t that sense of wow okay this is going to work.”

Jacoby Brissett? Been there, done that.

Sam Darnold? Major red flags.

Carson Wentz? He was awful this year.

Jacob Eason? Nobody has ever seen the guy.

Pick your poison Indy. This is going to get interesting.

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