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It’s February.

Which also means it’s Andrew Luck rumor season.

Supposedly per some dude on Twitter through his wife, whose best friend happens to know Andrew Luck’s wife, the former Indianapolis Colts QB is meeting with Jim Irsay about coming back.

Not sure about that one chief.

Gregg Doyel said it best on The Dan Dakich Show Wednesday. This entire process with the Blue and White trying to find their next guy is madness.

“The whole thing is a circus,” Doyel said. “I hate the tweets. If Jacob Eason is the safety net in your circus, then it’s time to shut it down because someone’s getting hurt. I don’t even know where to begin on the Luck rumor.”

With a little research, any sensible person can figure out that the guy that brought this all up isn’t credible.

Doyel said that he follows him, and all he does is tweet at people on the radio or in media. Supposedly he wants to be DD’s best friend.

Don’t get any big ideas. You’re talking about one of the most private and introverted athletes ever.

As for what else is to come under center…


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