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What is happening with the city of Houston and why all of the sudden are all of their sports stars wrapped in controversy?

From the Astros cheating scandal, to James Harden doing everything possible to get the hell out of town, to now Deshaun Watson wanting out of his deal with the Texans, this is madness. It’s pretty clear that if Houston does trade Watson, it’s not going to be to a division opponent like the Colts.

That would just be idiotic (but from a Colts perspective we’re all for it). Even if the Blue and White don’t get their hands on the star QB, it’s a win for the future because they won’t have to play him twice a year.

The situation with the Texans may seem that Watson has full control with his no-trade clause. But at the end of the day as Indy native and NBC Houston reporter Vanessa Richardson pointed out on The Fan Morning Show, the Texans don’t have to do a thing.

“It comes down to that he feels disrespected because he’s not being told about decisions like the DeAndre Hopkins deal,” Richardson said. “I still have hope that this can be mended. I don’t know if I completely buy that it’s totally irreparable. A very important detail that people forget is that the Texans don’t have to trade him. They have leverage here and it’s a really sticky situation.”

Division rival or not, you would hope that one of the NFL’s brightest stars wouldn’t have to take it to a situation where he is not showing up or holding out.

It would also be quite expensive to do so.

“Due to the nature of his contract he can get fined $50,000 a day for missing training camp,” Richardson added. “It has the potential to get very ugly.”

In the grand scheme of things, we’ve seen way wilder things in the NFL; Maybe like Terrell Owens working out on his driveway in front of the media.

*Insert Heath Ledger’s Joker “And Here We Go” GIF here*

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