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Jim Irsay’s meeting with the media on Wednesday afternoon told Indianapolis Colts nation quite a bit about the future of what’s going to be happening at Lucas Oil Stadium.

It all circled back to one key point though; Veteran leadership at quarterback.

Drafting a quarterback in 2021 is something that Chris Ballard and the Colts should absolutely have on the table. But the way this team is set up means that you go and do everything possible to win right now.

Former Colts defensive back Darius Butler knows the Colts have what it takes to win a division too. But what about the Blue and White getting to a level like the Kansas City Chiefs or Buffalo Bills? There is still some work to do there besides finding a quarterback.

“They need to address left tackle first and foremost,” Butler said on The Dan Dakich Show. “You’re going to need a playmaker big time guy at wide receiver too. Really it’s about getting one or two more difference makers.”

DeForest Buckner won’t be here forever. Michael Pittman Jr. looks ready to erupt. And Jonathan Taylor can damn near run through a brick wall.

Based off all of the talent Indianapolis brought in who as well didn’t even get training camp or a preseason, what those three guys did was remarkable. Pittman really stepped up in the back end of the season following injury problems as well.

“For the guys who came in and didn’t have a full off-season last year it’s just about getting more reps,” Butler mentioned. “It’s a quarterback driven league. When you have that position sewn up, it can cover up a lot of other things. I really think the team as a whole is built well and in a good position.”

Imagine what this team can do in a normal atmosphere.

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