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Having the entire NCAA Tournament in the state of Indiana and city of Indianapolis would be pretty awkward if the Indiana Hoosiers aren’t there to compete. The same goes for the rest of the Crossroads Classic teams.

Purdue? More than likely in.

Butler? Can’t stay healthy.

Notre Dame? Their best win is over a bad Kentucky team.

Can the Hoosiers sneak in though? If you asked the Assembly Hall faithful after the win at Iowa, their answer then would probably be a lot different to today. Indiana followed the massive victory with an underwhelming performance in the loss to Rutgers at home.

ESPN’s Seth Greenberg still thinks the crimson are in good shape though. He even said on The Dan Dakich Show Wednesday that they may even have a better shot than Duke or Kentucky to go to The Big Dance.

“Indiana without a doubt has a chance because they have the most quality wins,” Greenberg said. “The problem is that they didn’t validate their win over Iowa. The deal with Kentucky is their guards stink. You can’t win with the level of guard play that they have. I’ve had enough with Kentucky. Duke’s only non-conference wins are over Coppin State and Bellarmine.”

The Hoosiers could have validated their Iowa win as Seth said if they could play on the 30th versus #4 Michigan. That game is postponed because the Wolverines paused all athletics due to COVID-19.

Especially during this season, quality wins aren’t growing on trees. You need to earn them while you can.

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