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(00:00-00:55) – Greg Rakestraw introduces the final 2020 edition of Soccer Saturday and we close out this year with the annual Best 11 Moments, but this year it is the Best 11 Moments of the Indy Eleven’s franchise history.

(03:57-17:47) – Greg brings his in broadcast partner for life in Brad Hauter recapping the 2020 season for the Indy Eleven and go through the best moments eleven through nine in Indy Eleven’s franchise history.

(20:48-31:20) – Greg and Brad guide you closer to the top moment in franchise history of the Indy Eleven by providing you their eighth through sixth favorite moments.

(34:21-44:12) – In the second to last segment of the program, Greg and Brad continue discussing the best moments in Indy Eleven history by announcing moments five through three.

(47:13-58:06) – In the final 2020 segment of Soccer Saturday, Greg Rakestraw and Brad Hauter spend it by sharing the top two moments in Indy Eleven franchise history.


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