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It was a big weekend in Bloomington, Indiana at Assembly Hall. 

The Hoosiers welcomed Purdue for their first meeting of the season, but overshadowing that was the return of Coach Bob Knight for the first time in 20 years. 

Dan talked about that, where he was during the reunion on Saturday, and why Indiana basketball is in trouble. 

“Did you all get the closure you wanted? Does everybody feel good now?” Dan said of Knight’s return to start the show.

“I bet you Archie Miller feels good from the standpoint of well, nobody is talking about how horrendous his basketball team is, how God awful Indiana is, and quite frankly, how embarrassing it is.”

Indiana has lost four straight games including Saturday’s debacle against it’s rival on it’s home court. 

That’s the last possible outcome wanted on the day that the most legendary coach in school history makes his triumphant return. But, the downfall hasn’t been surprising to Dan. 

He called it. 

“It’s amazing. Everything I’ve said about Indiana basketball came true. Going back to when I gave a declaration after we lost to Arkansas about the culture of Indiana basketball. The culture of Indiana basketball is what it is, and it’s not going to change. I told Fred Glass when he hired Miller I said, ‘Look you’ve made us like every other program.’ That’s come true.”

Archie Miller is 50-39 at Indiana since he took over in 2017, and the Hoosiers haven’t made the NCAA tournament once during his tenure. 

Time is running out. 

As for the return of Bob Knight, Dan wasn’t at Indiana on Saturday. He had broadcasting duties in Louisville, but he watched for just a little bit. 

“I felt great for the former players. I felt great for everybody having the moment to say thank you to Coach Knight. Did it make you (me) cry? Not even a little. A lot of you have asked so I’ll tell ya. I was in the media room at Louisville. (Jason) Benetti and I, and I watched for a little bit and then I’m like ‘what do you wanna do?’ He was like ‘really?’ I go yeah and moved on.”

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