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Dont @ him, but Dan Dakich is all aboard the Philip Rivers experience. And for good reason.

The last two games for Rivers have proved that the Indianapolis Colts knew what they were paying for. These wins over the Tennessee Titans and Green Bay Packers will be looked at if and when the Colts make the playoffs.

25 million dollars is my no means cheap, but the Colts QB has led the offense with some serious grit.

Since the shaky start versus the Jacksonville Jaguars, Rivers has locked in and has 10 touchdowns to just three interceptions in his past five games. Sunday in the battle against fellow future Hall-of-Famer Aaron Rodgers, he matched him punch-for-punch.

“Rivers is tough,” Dan said. “He’s really tough. I like tough with some energy and he’s got it. I’m all in on him. Three weeks ago I said he was coming back next year. Then I saw the Baltimore game and I didn’t want him, but now I want him back again!”

DD’s experience watching the Rivers experiment this year is like anyone else. At the start, it was hard to imagine the 38-year-old had much left in the tank. But he’s showing there’s plenty of life in that arm when he has weapons around him like Michael Pittman Jr. and Jonathan Taylor.

And Dakich said that Indianapolis took a major step as a team this week.

“When you look at the Colts, I look at a team that grew up yesterday,” DD added. “They overcame their own lack of coaching. This is a billion dollar franchise, come on.”

The mid-season gauntlet of the 2020 season has led to a 2-1 record against Baltimore, Tennessee and Green Bay. Now there’s one more matchup with the Titans. But this time, it’s in the 317 and the Colts can take sole possession of first place in the AFC South.

It’s playoff push time.

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