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In an empty Soldier Field that echoed with the trash talk of Philip Rivers, while playing against their old Head Coach Chuck Pagano, the Indianapolis Colts learned something in a big way on Sunday; not only do they have the potential to be the best defensive core in the NFL, but they are also on the right track with the leadership of Chris Ballard and Frank Reich.

Those were the comments that Reich brought up in his postgame press conference following the 19-11 win over the Chicago Bears. Even with a second half injury to arguably their best defensive player Darius Leonard, the Colts did not give the Bears an inch and allowed 28 rush yards all day. Reich mentioned that losing Leonard and still performing like they did is a testament to the leadership in the locker room and also the work that Ballard has put in.

In “The Best Segment Of Football You Will Hear All Week”, former NFL quarterback Sean Salisbury stopped by The Dan Dakich Show to discuss another Colts W.

“The (Colts) are set up for postseason football in December,” Salisbury said. “They’re going to have to be more explosive offensively with Philip (Rivers), but they’re really good defensively”

The Week 4 matchup against Pagano was the first time the Colts had seen their former coach in the regular season since he was let go after 2017. DD and Salisbury brought up how Pagano was using star pass rusher Khalil Mack in pass coverage against Indianapolis, which he also did with Robert Mathis in the past.

“It’s like a change-up because the offense is used to seeing Mack coming at the quarterback as opposed to running away from him,” Salisbury added. “To me I want the greatest disruptors to impact the game in four plays. It’s to keep the offense off-balanced, but I assure you it is not something you want a steady diet of. If that’s the case, then you’re not putting him in the best position to be successful.”

The guys also discussed Rivers and some of the offensive factors that need to be cleaned up as the Colts continue to face dangerous teams. Sean compared the situation to baseball pitchers later in their careers.

“As long as he can throw in rhythm and doesn’t have to do a whole lot of changing his launch point he’s fine,” Salisbury mentioned. “It’s a little bit of Greg Maddux or Zack Greinke later in their career where if he’s not spot on or on point with different pitches, then you may be in a little trouble.”

The Colts will now get set for a high-powered Cleveland Browns offense who put up 49 points on the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.

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