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As the Indianapolis Colts prepare for their Week 1 contest in Jacksonville, big questions still remain about the team some believe could contend for a Lombardi Trophy.

Was Rodrigo Blankenship really the best choice at kicker? What will the offense look like with Philip Rivers calling the shots? Is the Colts o-line prepared to handle injuries if and when they arise?

Dan Dakich is concerned about a couple things: roster depth (was training camp really all that competitive?) and the defense.

“The funniest thing always happens with the Colts and the fanboy media around here,” Dakich said on Tuesday’s Dan Dakich Show. “One of the great things about the Colts is, ‘How good they are. How deep they are. You can tell a deep team by how many people get picked up.’ And all the little blogger boys around here [say], ‘Oh my God, this is such a competitive camp.’ Not one Colts player was picked up that got cut. Not one. Zero. Zip.”

Chase McLaughlin, who competed with Blankenship for kicking duties, was officially added to the Vikings practice squad on Tuesday.

“Yes, I have the Colts [at] 12-4,” Dan said. “Yes, I think they’re going to have a very good year, but I have concerns.”

“If Gardner Minshew does what Gardner Minshew did last time he played the Colts – he went 27 of 39 for 295 yards – if he does that this year, then I’m calling for [Rick] Venturi to be the defensive coordinator. Because last year’s last five games – you can go even deeper than that if you’d like, I just keep it to the last five – the Colts were abysmal. The Colts were, like, up every time at halftime. Every time and then didn’t make any adjustments whatsoever.”

Just how bad was Indy in second halves down the stretch last year? From Weeks 13 to 17, the Colts were outscored 80 to 39 after halftime. Take away the Carolina game and you’re looking at a 55-point differential (77 to 22).

“I have questions, serious questions, about this defensive staff,” Dakich said. “Serious questions…That’s my major concern as we go into a season where I have said they are 12-4. If you can’t guard ‘em, you can’t beat ‘em.”


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