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It has been almost ten months since Andrew Luck announced his retirement from the National Football League.

Luck’s decision sent shockwaves throughout the sports world. Indianapolis was devastated. It was the abrupt nature and timing of his announcement that caught everyone completely off guard.

Who is to blame for the 29-year-old franchise quarterback’s sudden departure? Many fingers have been pointed, and just about every Colts fan has a theory.

Public Enemy #1: former GM Ryan Grigson. Many believe Grigson didn’t put enough emphasis on protecting Luck, and that the organization should’ve addressed the shortcomings at offensive line earlier in Luck’s career.

There’s some substance to that argument, but Dan Dakich doesn’t think Grigson deserves all the blame. Dan gave his spirited take on Tuesday’s Dan Dakich Show:

“Andrew Luck played 16 games, a Pro Bowl, said he was happier playing football than he had ever been, got some soft tissue injury, got $24 million, and bailed on the Colts yet that’s [Ryan] Grigson’s fault? Okay.”

Dakich referenced Luck’s lacerated kidney suffered against Denver and an offseason snowboarding accident in Colorado that left #12 with a sprained AC joint.

“The two ways that Andrew Luck got hurt? Well one was running in the open field against Denver and the other, supposedly…according to a very good source within the Colts organization…was snowboarding.”

“…All these local yokels around here made Andrew Luck out to be Gladiator. ‘Oh, he’s Gladiator. He played through so much!’ Yeah, well, apparently that labrum wasn’t bad enough that he went snowboarding…Allegedly.”

“So stop with the Grigson stuff. Yeah, I’m defending Grigson. No, he’s not my boy. But I’ve had enough.”

Whatever the case may be, Andrew Luck is done with professional football. Philip Rivers is the starting quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts in 2020.

However, one can’t help but wonder what a healthy and committed Luck would be able to achieve with the current supporting cast. We’ll leave that question for another segment.



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