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INDIANAPOLIS – Under the tutelage of Bill Parcells, Jacoby Brissett brings a trait to the quarterback position that Frank Reich really covets.

There are certainly limitations with Brissett.

It’s why the Colts aren’t publicly committing to Brissett as their franchise quarterback. Concerns about Brissett’s accuracy, play in the fourth quarter and big plays were prevalent in 2019.

But the Colts also believe there’s more potential Brissett can show. And the soon-to-be fifth-year quarterback also offers some important characteristics that the Colts care a whole lot about.

When it comes to accountability, something the Colts are stressing the importance to improve in 2020, Brissett more than checks that box.

“More so like than any other player I’ve been around,” Reich said during the 2019 season. “Andrew (Luck) was like that as well, but Jacoby is like that in an even bigger way.

“He’ll get after guys. In a good way, but you know he’s not happy. He just holds the bar really high for himself and for his teammates. That’s the kind of leader you need, especially from that position. It’s everywhere, literally everywhere, film sessions, practice. I won’t give any names but there was a rookie coming out to practice and he was on time, but he almost wasn’t on time, and Jacoby let him know, ‘It shouldn’t even be close.’ That stuff is gold. When you have guys on the team who will talk will like that and set the standard for how we want to do things, that’s why we’ve said it right from the start, ‘This guy has elite leadership capabilities.’ And he has the locker room credibility. He has everything you need to back up that kind of talk…With Jacoby, it’s real and so authentic. The guy is unreal.”

Well before Reich saw this side of Brissett in-person, the 27-year-old quarterback worked with Parcells.

Back when Brissett was in high school, the Super Bowl winning coach played a role in the future quarterback’s development.

This fall, Parcells gave some insight to the Miami Herald about Brissett.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen a few good quarterbacks,” Parcells said. “Jacoby’s a big, strong, kid. He’s got a good arm. He’s always had those things. He’s got good work habits. He’s willing to train. He does everything that you would need someone to do. He’s 100 percent committed. He doesn’t have any distractions. He has very good personal discipline. He keeps everything separate from football. He handles his affairs.

“He’s just a really wonderful young man. I love him. He’s like my own kid. I love him.”

The Colts?

They like Brissett, saying last fall that he’s a top-20 quarterback in the NFL.

Have the past 6 months changed that?

Do they really believe there’s more that they can develop?

We are about to find out.