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INDIANAPOLIS – Frank Reich made it abundantly clear that Andrew Luck needed to throw to his teammates during the 6-week break before Training Camp.


Luck has confirmed that he will indeed be doing that.


In speaking to WTHR at a ‘Change the Play’ event for IU Health this week, Luck said he “absolutely will” throw to his receivers later this summer. The quarterback didn’t provide any more details than that.


A workout including building (re-building) rapport with his skill guys is definitely necessary for a guy who has hardly practiced in the last year and a half.


At the end of the Colts offseason program in mid-June, Reich detailed Luck’s throwing progression:


1. Throwing stationary, with minimal movement.

2. Some movement throws.

3. Throwing to spots with stationary receivers.

4. Making competitive throws, to receivers who are running full speed. “He certainly would need to work to get that in before we return (for camp),” Reich said of Luck throwing to receivers in July.


The expectation is Luck will play some in the preseason, too.


When Training Camp begins on July 25 (15 days before the preseason opener), Luck knows what his workload will look like—3 straight days of throwing, next day off, then the next day back throwing.


“My goal is to be able to throw as much as I need to, like on a game week,” Luck says. “A WednesdayThursdayFriday at practice and then Sunday, let it loose, no (pitch) count, nothing. You’ve got to go and let it go.


“So that’s what I’m preparing for, that’s why right now I throw Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Fridays to mimic a three-day sort of practice week and then a Friday, as a Sunday of a game week. That’s the sort of big picture I’m preparing for and the goal certainly, more short term, is to be ready to go for Training Camp. To be able to not just participate, but get better, get the team better.”


The Colts are 4 weeks away from reporting to Training Camp in 2018.