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INDIANAPOLIS – When a little bit of adversity has hit Andrew Luck this camp, he’s bounced back in a big way.

Tuesday was another example of that.

Luck had his first multi-interception day of camp on Monday.

On Tuesday, Luck torched the Indy defense, going 21-of-27, while leading multiple touchdown drives. Luck was 17-of-21 in 11-on-11 drills.

The Colts were active in using tempo from the early 11-on-11 sessions.


Of course, Luck thrives in such settings and he was downright dominant when the Colts wanted to speed things up offensively.


With Luck directing traffic, amidst blasting music, things became efficient and seamless for the offense, with the quarterback using a ‘muddle huddle’ to move up and down the field.


Tuesday’s practice was another look at how Luck could be setting a very high number in completion percentage this fall, with such a strong emphasis on quicker, high percentage throws.


Jack Doyle was the most frequent recipient of Luck throws on Tuesday, with the running backs also used heavily.


Like Chris Ballard noted earlier in camp, the touch and accuracy of Luck’s throws have been extremely impressive for a guy who has missed so much time.


The night session on Tuesday marked just the second time in camp that Luck had thrown on three straight days. Luck will end camp by throwing on three consecutive days, too.


Luck will throw in each of the 3 remaining practices for the Colts at Grand Park: Thursday, Friday and Saturday. He is expected to play into the second quarter of next Monday’s preseason contest with the Ravens.


Here is a look at Luck’s numbers in his 12 practices at Grand Park:

Day 1 (Thursday, 7/26): 11-of-19 in team drills; 4-of-9, 1 INT, in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 2 (Friday, 7/27): 15-of-19 in team drills; 7-of-9, in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 3 (Sunday, 7/29, full pads): 19-of-22 in team drills; 12-of-14 in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 4 (Tuesday, 7/31, full pads): 24-of-33 in team drills; 17-of-25, 1 INT, in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 5 (Wednesday, 8/1, full pads): 16-of-19 in team drills; 9-of-11 in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 6 (Friday, 8/3, full pads): 12-of-16 in team drills; 6-of-9, 1 INT, in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 7 (Sunday, 8/5, full pads): 17-of-24 in team drills; 10-of-16, 1 INT, in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 8 (Monday, 8/7, full pads): 14-of-19 in team drills; 12-of-15, in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 9 (Tuesday, 8/8): 16-of-20 in team drills; 10-of-14, 1 INT in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 10 (Sunday, 8/12, full pads): 22-of-33 in team drills; 16-of-27 11-on-11 work only.

Day 11 (Monday, 8/13, full pads): 13-of-18 in team drills; 8-of-10, 2 INTs 11-on-11 work only.

Day 12 (Tuesday, 8/14, full pads): 21-of-27 in team drills; 17-of-21, 11-on-11 work only.

Totals: 200-of-269 (74.3 percent) in team drills; 128-of-180 (71.1 percent) in 11-on-11 work only.

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