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INDIANAPOLIS – The focus on throwing the ball down the field has been on clear display for Andrew Luck in the final week of work at Grand Park.

That continued Thursday, as Luck and the Colts had a quieter day on the practice field.

Luck attempted just 17 passes on Thursday, with the Colts practicing for a little more than an hour.

The quarterback was 12-of-17 throwing the ball in team drills, going 7-of-11 in two separate 11-on-11 sessions.

Frank Reich and the offense used some tempo during their second 11-on-11 session.


Even though the Colts are going to be an offense relying mostly on higher percentage/intermediate throws, the need to stretch the field and keep a defense honest will still be there.


“This offense is going to push the ball down the field,” offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni says, “and it’s going to hit a quick passing game and shallows underneath to get the chunk yards.


“It’s take what the defense is giving.”


On Thursday, Luck heavily targeted Chester Rogers, Jack Doyle and Ross Travis (who was receiving some playing time in place of an injured Eric Ebron). It was probably the most Luck and Rogers have connected this camp.


With another efficient afternoon on the practice field, Luck continues to hover just north of 70 percent as a passer in 13 camp sessions.


“He’s progressing every single day, getting a little better each day,” Sirianni said of Luck after Thursday’s practice. “It’s fun to see his reaction when he’s lighting it up.


“We’ve seen why he has the reputation he has throughout the NFL. It’s been fun to see that in person.”


Luck will throw in each of the 2 remaining practices for the Colts at Grand Park: Friday and Saturday. He is expected to play into the second quarter of next Monday’s preseason contest with the Ravens.


Here is a look at Luck’s numbers in his 13 practices at Grand Park:

Day 1 (Thursday, 7/26): 11-of-19 in team drills; 4-of-9, 1 INT, in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 2 (Friday, 7/27): 15-of-19 in team drills; 7-of-9, in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 3 (Sunday, 7/29, full pads): 19-of-22 in team drills; 12-of-14 in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 4 (Tuesday, 7/31, full pads): 24-of-33 in team drills; 17-of-25, 1 INT, in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 5 (Wednesday, 8/1, full pads): 16-of-19 in team drills; 9-of-11 in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 6 (Friday, 8/3, full pads): 12-of-16 in team drills; 6-of-9, 1 INT, in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 7 (Sunday, 8/5, full pads): 17-of-24 in team drills; 10-of-16, 1 INT, in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 8 (Monday, 8/7, full pads): 14-of-19 in team drills; 12-of-15, in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 9 (Tuesday, 8/8): 16-of-20 in team drills; 10-of-14, 1 INT in 11-on-11 work only.

Day 10 (Sunday, 8/12, full pads): 22-of-33 in team drills; 16-of-27 11-on-11 work only.

Day 11 (Monday, 8/13, full pads): 13-of-18 in team drills; 8-of-10, 2 INTs 11-on-11 work only.

Day 12 (Tuesday, 8/14, full pads): 21-of-27 in team drills; 17-of-21, 11-on-11 work only.

Day 13 (Thursday, 8/16): 12-of-17 in team drills; 7-of-11, 11-on-11 work only.

Totals: 212-of-286 (74.1 percent) in team drills; 135-of-191 (70.7 percent) in 11-on-11 work only.

To see some of the throws Luck made on Thursday, check out my Instagram story.