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Matteo Marchi | Getty Images

Peyton Manning. Reggie Miller. Reggie Wayne. Adam Vinatieri. Brad Stevens. 

Brad Stevens is one of Indianapolis’ favorite sons. Just like the rest of the guys listed before him, he’ll always live in the lore of almost untouchables around the Circle City. 

Heck, I’d go as far to say that he took the seat of Bob Knight as the coach on that list, too. 

Until now? 

A story came out in the Boston Globe that the former Butler head coach roots for the Patriots, but it gets even worse. 

He’s friends with Josh McDaniels – the guy who left Indianapolis’ team standing at the altar this past winter, and overall the biggest weasel in the NFL. 

“I guess my Indy friends don’t always love to hear this,” Stevens told the Boston Globe, “but yeah — I root for the Pats.”


It’s like when a father is a die-hard fan, and his son grows up to root for another team – tough to watch, but you still love him. 

The Celtics don’t play on Thursday, October 5th when the Colts head to Foxboro to play McDaniels and the Pats. What will Stevens do then?