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INDIANAPOLIS – Readers of can submit their questions to have a chance of them being answered in our mailbag.


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Here is the collection of Wednesday questions:


James (Charlotte)


Will the Colts have the 3rd pick of waived players or do they have to clear their conference first. Hopefully it’s the latter. Been a Colt Fan since Unitas and company. True Blue. 


Bowen: Yes, the Colts will have the 3rd spot in the waiver wire. So, after the Browns and the Giants, the Colts will be up next to put in claims for players. That’s where the 4-12 record from last season still helps you. Last year, the Colts claimed 5 players with a middle of the pack waiver wire ranking (CB-Pierre Desir, CB-Kenny Moore, OG-Ian Silberman, WR-Matt Hazel and RB-Matt Jones). I’d expect right around 5 waiver claims again this season when those are processed on Sunday afternoon.


Edward (New Orleans)


Over/Under: 625 pass attempts for Andrew Luck?


Bowen: That’s a good one to lead off this mailbag. Luck has had one season of more than 625 pass attempts (627 attempts in his rookie season of 2012). So, I’ll go slightly under, Edward. Obviously, I’m basing this off Luck being healthy for 16 games. One thing I will say though, I don’t think Frank Reich is going to force feed the run game. He knows for the best offensive success, you need to go up-tempo, spread things out and let your best player impact the game on as many snaps as possible. I’ll still go with around 575-600 attempts for Luck in 2018.


Bobby (Bangladesh)


1. Do you see any long term potential for rookies Skai Moore, Matthew Adams, or Zaire Franklin? If so, what do you like about them? 2. I don’t get what Ryan Grant brings to the table that Chester doesn’t. With them being WR2 & WR3 – Whats the advantage of having both on the field at the same time? Might as well through a guy in the fire that has some size when they have 3 WR’s on the field.


Bowen: 1. I do see some potential in those guys. Moore and Franklin have received some significant run in the preseason, with Moore likely a Week One starter. The thing that stands out specifically about Adams and Franklin is the run and hit nature to their game. Those guys fit the scheme. Moore just has instincts that I think helps him play faster than his Combine numbers. If the Colts can find a future starter out of that trio (maybe Moore?), going forward to pair with Darius Leonard that’s a major win for the linebackers down the road. 2. Honestly, it’s been a very underwhelming month of August for Grant and Rogers. We will see if the opening up of the playbook leads to more production for the immediate guys behind T.Y. Hilton. My question to you would be: Has any taller receiver stood out to give the top 3 wideouts some variety in skillsets? That’s where the Deon Cain injury comes into play. His injury was a significant loss in trying to diversify that wideout group. Maybe the waiver wire will offer a taller option to challenge for playing time.


Andrew (Lafayette, IN)


I dont have a Twitter but my question is what are the chances we arent letting luck do everything he is capable of to take the league by surprise come regular season


Bowen: The Colts definitely held back a big from a playbook standpoint in the preseason. Frank Reich didn’t call any read options, hardly ever split Eric Ebron out wide and kept things very simple from a motion/misdirection standpoint. All of those elements will be there in the regular season. If Luck can show off the deep ball in regular season games, he could very well be challenging for a Pro Bowl-type of season.


Colton (Sioux Falls, SD)


Which Colt will have the first TD of 50+ yards this season, and in which regular season game will it happen?


Bowen: Let’s go T.Y. Hilton, Week Four against the Texans. Why? Hilton has torched the Texans throughout his career. I’ll say Hilton dazzles the fans at Lucas Oil Stadium with a 57-yard touchdown in Week Four, providing the Colts the sort of chunk play they REALLY need to have in 2018.


Mark (Salt Lake City, UT)


Which of these players’ Madden ratings be the highest on the end of the season updates? Luck: 87, Mack: 77, Rodgers: 74, Swoope: 67, Hooker: 78, Autry: 77, Sanchez: 77, or another of your choice?


Bowen: In order: Hooker, Autry, Mack, Swoope, Sanchez, Luck and Rogers. I’m not going to lie, it’s been a handful of years (or more) since I last played Madden. But I’ll go with that order of players. The 78 rating for Hooker is really low, IMO.


Alan (Goshen, NY)


Is there a chance Phillip Walker makes the practice squad, & if Luck is health mid year they trade Jacoby for a high pick 2019. I know Irsay says no but that could be just talk.


Bowen: Yes, definitely on Walker making the practice squad. I think it’s pretty likely he’s there for a second straight year. The Colts will need another practice arm. But I still can’t see them trading Jacoby Brissett until next offseason. I know that loses some value on Brissett, but Walker is not ready to be a regular season backup. He’s never taken a snap in an NFL regular season game. Keep Brissett for the entire season as an insurance policy.