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Football season is here, folks. Andrew Luck is BACK, Quenton Nelson is ready to keep him upright, and Frank Reich is going to turn things around. And with football, comes tailgates. Before you know it, this summer heat will cool down, the leaves will start to change, and you’ll have to throw on the Colts stocking cap when you’re heading out for the game. 

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Keep the heat off when you aren’t home, or leave it on? That’s a debate you could get into with the Mrs. plenty, we’re sure. Our friends at Howald could help prep you on that one. But we wanted to prep you for more arguments you’ll run into at this year’s tailgate – the most heated debates you’ll hear when you’re partying before the game. 

Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady 

Yes, our favorite son may be a few years gone from the game, and the Manning vs. Brady Colts-Pats games haven’t happened for ALMOST a decade, but this is an inevitable one you hear every football season. 

Who is the GOAT? Peyton or Brady? 

This will come up especially since our boys in blue make their way out to the Evil Empire for a Thursday Night Football matchup in October.

Sure, Tom may have more Super Bowls, but he’s got a lot more cheating on his record, too. Plus, Peyton never had the surrounding cast or coach like ol’ Tommy. And, yeah, Tom has the super model wife, but he’s still got deflated balls. 


The Colts Should Have Kept Peyton

Believe it or not, there’s still a quiet group of people who still think Jim Irsay should have held onto Peyton Manning, passed on Luck, and enjoyed the five more years of success that Peyton had in Denver. 

Only a couple problems with that argument. 

1. No one knew if Peyton WOULD EVER PLAY AGAIN. 


2. Peyton played with a world-class defense in Denver, and one the Colts haven’t had. 

Would it have been nice to see The Sheriff sign off for the final time where it all started? Of course. 

But don’t let your drunk buddy try to talk you into passing on Andrew Luck one of these Sundays in the fall. 


Colts Will Make The Playoffs This Year

Luck is back! He’s back! They will return to the Colts of old! 

Well…let’s slow down a bit. You could make an argument for both sides without a doubt, but…have you seen the rest of this Colts roster? Especially the defense? Could be tough…

Just know that at least for the first six of the weeks, you’ll be having to decide which side you’re on. 

Boneless vs. Bone-In Wings 

This may be the Super Bowl of tailgate debates. It is a clear line, and people take it personally which type of wing you choose. For the boneless folks, you know their two main arguments:

1. More meat

2. Not messy


You want wings, not chicken nuggets! Bone-in wings make you feel accomplished, even on a day when you don’t do a damn things besides sit on your bum and watch football. 

Or you could use this pro-tip. 


Craft Beer vs. Domestic Beer

No tailgate is a real tailgate without some good beer. But the big questions is what kind of beer? 

Super trendy right now to whip out the craft beer. It’s original, it’s new, it’s a conversation starter. It probably even makes some girls think you’re more interesting. 

Tough to beat a classic domestic on gameday, though. Bud light, burgers, and a football game is like the Holy Trinity of America during the fall. 


And dogs. Dogs are in there, too.